Witchcraft Magic: An Adventure in Demonology

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Most saw Vincent Price as quaint, eccentric, or just plain odd, so when he produced a recording of “readings” entitled Witchcraft and Magic: An Adventure in Demonology, no one really took it too seriously. But we now know that Price was serious, having an affinity for not only his persona as Hollywood’s leading man of the macabre, but for the actual subject matter itself. Whether or not it was disregarded as just another performance of the role that gave him notoriety, the album included a track called “How to Communicate with the Spirits,” which amounted to nothing more than an advocating of necromancy.

It is not certain whether parts of the album were intended as fiction or not.
Try it if you dare to.

In 2008 the album was redone with more and shorter tracks, but I don't like the continuous bubbling sounds they included. The album is called Witchcraft & Magic.

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