Out of Time by Ruth Boswell

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A 17 year old boy stumbles on his way home from school - a fall that propels him into a parallel world which looks physically the same as his small home town but belongs to a different, non technological society, dominated by a dictator who has enslaved the populace. Young people are illegal because the citizens have taken a longlife drug. Joe is chased, almost killed but he escapes through a wild and uncultivated England to the hideout of a small group of dissidents under siege. They initially regard him as a spy but he eventually wins their confidence and spends two life changing years with them. He and one of the girls fall passionately in love. Joe is transformed but their ecstatic life together is doomed. The dictator attacks and she is killked. Joe returns to the town and there, after a bloody battle, defeats the tyrant. In the process he is attacked and finds himself back at home, the same age as when he fell but transformed into a different person. A second volume is in preparation.

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