Guess who's Bach

Back from vacation I'll try to serve you at least one audio book each day. Since I met a wonderful French girl, this post is dedicated to French stories. There are some interesting things to find on Spotify.

There are some very interesting albums about the history of the great composers and further down you'll find some classical stories in French. To finish I found some great albums from Louis de Funès @APP.

They are all told for children so their French is easy and comprehensible, ideally to learn something about musical history and improve your French.


Most with music and some with multiple actors:

Jacques Brel – Raconte Pierre Et Le Loup @APP
Anny Versini – Raconte-moi Les Dinosaures @APP
Robert Hossein – Raconte-moi Thérèse de Lisieux @APP
Marc Brunet – Napoléon raconté aux enfants @APP

Anny Duperey  raconte @APP
Blanche Neige, Pinocchio, Alice au Pays des Merveilles, La Belle et la Bête

Michel Galabru  raconte @APP
Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs, Peter Pan, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Tom Pouce

Daniel Prévost raconte @APP
Reau d'Ane, Les Habits Neufs du Roi, Riquet à La Houppe, Gulliver à Lilliput

Francis perrin raconte @APP
Barbe Bleue, La Petite Sirène, Le Chat Botté, Cendrillon


Multiple albums performed by:

Alix Noble Burnand @APP
Louis De Funès @APP

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